Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Dallas? We Go!

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One thing we have learned on our journey is that plans are rarely set in stone. One moment  you are making a packing list for Boston, the next you are rearranging everything to go to Dallas.  Last week Phoenix had an appointment with an ophthalmologist for a check up, she has to have them every few month to measure pressure on her optic nerve. Let me start with saying that the ophthalmologist is my LEAST favorite doctor visits. They are over 2 hours long, Phoenix has to get her eyes dilated, snacks are only permitted in the foyer (big deal for a one year old). The last time we were there we both ended up crying in the exam room. At least this time nobody cried till we got to the car. After being there for 2 and half (!!) hours, I found out that there is pressure starting on the optic nerve and that she needs glasses. The ophthalmologist faxed Dr. Fearon about it, and after several e-mails and LONG days Dr. Fearon decided that it would be best for Phoenix to have her first CVR sooner rather then later.

So, for the past day and a half I have been making phone calls to both Dallas and Boston trying to get everything arranged.  We got our surgery date for Dallas – – December 3rd. In all honesty, I am a little relieved about the whole situation. The CVR is the ‘scary’ surgery for me, and I am glad to be getting it over with sooner. Additionally, I was not looking forward to having Phoenix casted right now; she is really interested in walking, and I felt bad that we were going to delay that. But, I would be lying if I wasn’t nervous about this surgery. I just have to keep reminding myself that she is in the hands of a professional who does all the time. And, from what I have been hearing recovery time is so much better then syndactyly releases.


What? So…I fell into a basket…aren’t you going to help me?

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