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Dear Phoenix,

Mommy and Daddy just got back home from Thanksgiving. Traveling without you is a very odd experience. It always feels like somebody is missing. Because, you are missing from our lives. I always wonder what it would be like traveling with you and Little Brother. Would you bug him? Would he bug you? Would you two chat the whole trip? Would you both cry the whole trip? I saw your name on several trucks and billboards along the highway; there was even a camper named Phoenix! I like to think you sent those my way.

I think you would of liked Thanksgiving. All your cousins for you to play with. But, I really think you would of liked the food. Sweet potatoes. Mashed potatoes. And most important – bread. There was so much bread this year you would of lost your mind!

Since, you couldn’t physically be with us this Thanksgiving, Mommy placed a candle out in memory of you. It was the candle from your funeral. It has your picture on it and little bears on the side. Somebody suggested the candle, I liked it. Daddy liked it too. Though packing the candle away wasn’t pleasant. I felt like I was putting you in a box. But, Daddy said the candle represents your memory and the box is keeping the memory safe.

Both your grandmas gave us something that reminded us of you. The first was a little Dumbo and Mrs. Dumbo Christmas ornament that plays “Baby Mine” The other was a little stuffed Pooh Bear that plays “You are my Sunshine.” Both of those songs were played at your funeral and memorial service. Both of those songs make Mommy sad.

Mommy and Daddy are thankful for the time we had with you. Our biggest wish is that you could of stayed with us.

Can’t wait to see you again,


Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013




  1. Gayln Daffron
    November 30, 2014

    Dear Phoenix, We didn’t get to meet you, but we do know your mommy. We watched her grow into a beautiful young lady and now a wife and mother. We know that you were very special to your mommy and daddy. We really miss your mommy telling us all about you as you were growing. I pray for her and your daddy all the time. I know that they miss you so much that their hearts are braking. I also know that our God will comfort and carry them until they see you again. Please ask Jesus to help them get though all the first that they have to go though without you. Enjoy running and jumping and playing with the angels. Rest in Jesus arms sweet girl.
    All our love Wayne and Gayln

  2. KT
    December 23, 2014

    I’m very sorry that your precious daughter died. I hope that you find comfort knowing she didn’t suffer. Thank you for sharing the details of her passing. My daughter, 3, also has Apert and is mildly affected, so it’s good to know have the information you’ve passed on to those of use in the Apert community.


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