Sleep Study (or lets play ‘annoy the baby’)

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Update | 2 Comments

Phoenix had her first sleep study last week. If you don’t know what happens during a sleep study let me tell you (and just to let you know there isn’t much sleeping). First, they places about 30 wires (from head to toe) on a 7 month old baby. Second, they expect her to fall asleep […]

Rosebud Hands

Posted by on May 19, 2013 in Update | 4 Comments

I have to admit I have very mixed emotions about P’s upcoming surgeries. There is a part of me that is ready for her to have released fingers. Life will be so much easier for her . . . she will be able to grab and hold things with one hand! But, there is part […]


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What to say about Boston? Hmmm…well…to start we LOVED the team of doctors that we met there. But, Luke and I haven’t made up our minds completely on what our plan is going to be, because of that I will let you all know once we have made up our mind. The plane ride up […]