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I have always heard of people having visions or dreams of loved ones who have passed. After Phoenix died, I yearned for one. I wanted needed to see her again. I needed to see her happy. Ten weeks passed and nothing; until yesterday morning (which was the 10 week anniversary of her death). After putting […]

What You May See

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You may see the smile on my face. What you can’t see are my nails digging into my palm to keep it there. You may see me going about life. You can’t see the nightmare replaying itself in my head. You may call me strong. I am anything but. You may think of her occasionally. […]

Little Brother

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Dear Phoenix, Congrats! You are a big sister! Little Brother was born about 2 weeks ago. He wasn’t as big as you were, in fact he still isn’t. We keep saying, “Wow! He is so small!” Even though he really isn’t that small. He was born with hair, just like you. But, you have him […]

My Old Phone

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I have this old phone – that had an unfortunate meeting with some water and it was never the same after.  On this phone there were over 300 pictures and videos of our life, the cats and of course Phoenix. The other night Luke worked with the phone and was able to get ALL the […]

July 4th

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Dear Phoenix, It has only been 6 weeks since you passed. The weeks have seemed to fly by. Yet, at the same time it feels like everything has stopped. I know it hasn’t. All I have to do is look outside or online, and see that the world keeps going. I can look down at […]