Birthday Candle Through Tear Filled Eyes

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Dear Phoenix, Today was my birthday and I miss you. Oh, how I wish you were here to celebrate with me. Then maybe I would actually feel like my birthday is worth celebrating – there isn’t much I feel like celebrating since you left. Your little brother, who isn’t really little, was actually able to […]

Mother’s Day 2017

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Dear Phoenix, This will be the third Mother’s Day without you. I am sorry that we don’t get to spend it together. I am sorry that you don’t get to make cheesy little cards and necklaces.  I would have cherished them. I would have worn your necklaces made of noodles with pride. I am sorry that you […]

Happy 4th Birthday Phoeinx

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Dear Phoenix, You are four years old today! It is hard to believe that four years ago today we were in a tiny hospital room celebrating your birth. Yes, we were scared about this whole new word that we were thrown in, but that didn’t stop us from loving you. Your daddy changed his first […]

Longer without you

Dear Phoenix, A few weeks ago marked 19 months since you passed. We have now entered a time I have been dreading – more time without you than with you. I only had 19 short months with you. It often seems so unfair that our time was cut short. The pain is unescapable. The pain of […]

Happy 3rd Birthday Phoenix!

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Dear Phoenix, Today you turned 3! But, you were not here to celebrate with us. Daddy and I stayed up still the time you were born last night. We talked about my labor and your birth. 20 hours of labor and a c-section!!!!  We tried to figure out what you might like to eat now. […]

2 Years Ago Today

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Dear Phoenix, Two years ago today you had your first surgery. It seems like a lifetime ago. I wish the worst thing in my life was you facing another surgery. Mommy is selfish like that. I would take you back, even if that meant you had to have 100 more surgeries. Mommy is sorry that you […]

Easter Without You

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Dear Phoenix, Tomorrow is Easter. This would of been your 3rd Easter. Now it is my first Easter without you. Would you of enjoyed it more this year? Last year you had so much fun picking up the Easter Eggs Daddy ‘hid’ for you all over the living room. But, you hated when we tried […]

Whispers of Pink

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Dear Phoenix, The other day I was putting some of your clothes away. I really loved looking at all the outfits you wore as a newborn. It is hard to believe you were ever that little. The box of clothes are still sitting out in the living room. Lid off – so there are all […]


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Dear Phoenix, Mommy and Daddy just got back home from Thanksgiving. Traveling without you is a very odd experience. It always feels like somebody is missing. Because, you are missing from our lives. I always wonder what it would be like traveling with you and Little Brother. Would you bug him? Would he bug you? […]

Bath Time

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Dear Phoenix, Do you get baths in Heaven? You loved baths when you were still here. You would of taken one everyday if I let you. I should of let you. Guess what? Little Brother is just like you. He loves his baths, and screams when he has to get out until he is dressed. Just like you. Isn’t […]