November-Febuary Was a Blur.

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Yay! It is March!! Hip hip hooray! The holidays always seem crazy busy, but 2013 must of ordered extra crazy on the side. It all started with an ophthalmologist appointment (if you know me personally you know how much I loathe those) and bang everything got crazy. You can read the full story here.

Phoenix had her CVR in early December. The surgery went great! There was very little blood loss, and they were able to recycle that back to her. Dr. Fearon said that the pressure on the brain was not as severe as the ophthalmologist said it was*, but still felt like we wouldn’t be coming back anymore times than originally planned. One of the side effects of this surgery is that the faces swells and the eyes will swell close. It is scary for all parties. Poor little girl couldn’t see, and it is really scary to see your baby’s eyes completely black and blue and swelled shut. I know that all the parents say that even though this is the ‘scary’ surgery it has the fastest recovery. They were not exaggerating.  The whole time we were at the hospital and hotel Phoenix wanted to be held. As soon as we got home she was like ‘See ya! I want to play with my toys.’ She was able to see out of a little slit after a few days, and it wasn’t too long that we could see those baby blues again.

Phoenix and Dr. Fearon

Phoenix and Dr. Fearon

At the airport. Hoping to make it out of Dallas, because there was a freak ice storm!

At the airport. Hoping to make it out of Dallas, because there was a freak ice storm!

About 1 week post-op.

About 1 week post-op.


The rest of December was quiet, but January ushered in another surgery. This was her second syndactyly release.  They were able to give her a ring finger, in addition to the thumb and pinky. They also increased the web space between her thumb and pointer finger. This was also the last release on her toes!! Phoenix now has 10 little piggies! After 3 long weeks of casts, which are painful when you receive a right hook to the jaw, came off! Phoenix is going great with her fingers, she  is able to pick things up much easier than before. However, she is not back walking. She had started to walk about a week before the release, but she will get there.

unnamed1 1554616_684594671406_1363551814_n Phoenix




January also brought the loss of a very important man in my life. Early this year my Pop (grandpa) left this world to be with Jesus. He was always there, a quiet presence. He taught me important things in life like mixing peanuts in coke and making sure that John Wayne never be forgotten. He had really wise sayings like, “What do you know about soap? You don’t even use it!” Pop loved Phoenix so much, I only wish she could have gotten to know him.

Pop loved the babies.

Pop loved the babies.

In other news.
It's a boy!

It’s a boy!

Yep, Phoenix is going to have a baby brother. He will be here in July. We found out back in November, when we were trying to get her surgeries re-arranged. Nothing like adding pregnancy hormones on top of surgeries.

Overall, I am glad for the coming break. We will be surgery free until later this year. Hopefully, after that we will be done for a couple years. We won’t have very many appointments this year either. We will have an ophthalmologist appointment in April. Yuck.
Enjoying some nice weather!

Enjoying some nice weather!


* The ophthalmologist who saw her in November wasn’t her usual doctor. Her usual doc was on medical leave, but it back now!!

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  1. Grandpa George
    March 13, 2014

    Good story! Good to see her progression. She is one of God’s threads that will weave into the hearts and lives of many people. Life is an adventure, full of joys and sorrows. The best we can hope for is to trust God to take care of us and we can share His love to those around us. Have a great day!


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