March 27th, 2015

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Last night Luke, Little Brother and I went out for dinner. While we were waiting for our food I look over to my left and there is this most beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome. She had this sprout of a pony tail on top of her head that was simply adorable. She had a […]

10 Months

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Today marks 10 months that I lost Phoenix. 10 horrible months. So here are 10 things I miss. 1. Her Crazy Hair 2. Her Laugh 3. Her Kisses 4. Her Personality 5. Her Curiosity 6. Her Smile 7. Her Loathing of Medical Staff 8. Her Fingers and Toes 9. Her Love of Others 10. Phoenix

Thin Mints

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It is girl scout cookie season. You know what that means? Thin Mints!! But, as I sit here snacking on these delicious cookies I keep thinking of Phoenix and her love of Thin Mints. In, fact it was her love of mint flavor that got her eating fruit. I made a fruit salad with a […]

Whispers of Pink

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Dear Phoenix, The other day I was putting some of your clothes away. I really loved looking at all the outfits you wore as a newborn. It is hard to believe you were ever that little. The box of clothes are still sitting out in the living room. Lid off – so there are all […]

Phoenix is gone

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Can’t sleep. Body aches. Heart is broken, Phoenix is gone. I never asked for this. People are unknowingly cruel. And, Phoenix is gone. Sounds, smells and even tastes are mean. A reminder of what has been and what is. Phoenix is gone. Forget this. I hate this. Phoenix is gone. I want to scream, “you […]