Hurtful Comments

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The other day I posted this article about things not to say to someone who has lost a child. The article can be very difficult for most Christians to read, it even claims to be. It paints God in a picture you don’t like to see. You see a loving god who cares for you […]

Little Brother’s Trip to the Hospital

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May is kinda a sucky month for me. 1. It’s the month Phoenix passed away. 2. Mother’s Day. But, this May has really kicked us in the butt. Over Mother’s Day weekend Little Brother ran a high fever for close to 36 hours. While we never took him to the doctors I did call the […]

Mother’s Day 2016

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The other morning I ugly cried. I rocked Phoenix’s urn and screamed. All while Little Brother watched on. It was in that moment I felt so divided. I wanted to hole up under the covers and cry, but I couldn’t. My life is truly divided. ¬†Begrudgingly, I set Phoenix’s urn down and changed Little Brother’s […]