Update on Phoenix

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Update on Phoenix

When sweet baby Phoenix was born it was discovered that she had webbing on her little hands and feet. She has all her toes, but they are all connected. The best way to describe her little hands is for you to imagine that all your finger tips are touching each other (including the thumb) then imagine a skin mitten coming up to the nails. It feels like all her fingers are there. The pediatrician ordered genetic tests to see if there is anything else going on. We will receive those results in the next week or so. On a happier note, Phoenix is doing great! She is eating, sleeping and filling her diapers. She passed her hearing and heart screen test. Her breathing is great however, she did fail her car-seat/angle test and will be traveling in a bed car seat until she can pass the test.

Please keep Phoenix in your thoughts and prayers. She will have to have surgery to correct the webbing. We will keep you posted on her progress.

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  1. Jen Tufts
    February 19, 2013

    Gorgeous photo!


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