So how about those super bowl commercials?

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Warning: rant.

Did you watch the super bowl last night? I didn’t. No reason, just didn’t. Okay –  there is totally a reason, but that isn’t important. When, I was reading through my Facebook newsfeed this morning there were a lot of comments on how sad some of the commercials seemed. So, I watched some of them. Yeah, they were somber. You know what? Life is sad! It made you out of sorts while you watched a football game!? I don’t  freaking care! IT’S A FOOTBALL GAME! Maybe you should be sad. Because, you what!? Life can really suck. Life can be really depressing. Yeah, I am NOT sorry you felt something, other than pleasant, while you were blissfully stuffing your glutinous mouth with over processed fried crap. Or did you morbidly think they were funny? Yep, there were some of those comments too. Then, yes you are soulless. Here is the thing – there is nothing more terrifying than finding your child dead in their own bed. There is nothing more terrifying than knowing that there are things I can’t prevent that can end the life of my child. So, you felt sad during a football game? Good. While you felt momentary sadness over a 30 second commercial, just remember there are those who feel a life time of sadness because of real life trauma.

I also want to add that I think it is totally inappropriate to use a ‘dead child’ to sell anything. But, that is not what upset me. What got me was people’s insensitive reaction to it.

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  1. Freya remmer
    February 4, 2015

    Hi Beth,

    As a mom who also found her child dead in his crib, I understand your rage… I don’t think others can even begin to imagine… It’s just too scary.

    Talking to other parents who have been through the nightmare is one of the few things that helps me.

    Love to you,



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