Trick or Treat

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Dear Phoenix, Today is Halloween. Last year you were a black cat. This year you are an angel. Mommy and Daddy aren’t doing anything this year, it hurts too much. I think you would of liked Halloween this year. You weren’t even walking last year, this year you would of been able to actually go […]

How Can I?

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Dear Phoenix, How can I keep going without you? How can I cook dinner without shooing you away from the hot oven? How can I do the dishes without you trying to crawl into the dishwasher? How can I eat or drink anything without sharing with you? How can I go to the store without […]

Week 13

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Dear Phoenix, It has been 13 weeks since you have gone to Heaven. I miss you so much. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry. Little Brother, Daddy and I traveled to see family last week. It was the first time I had been back to St. Louis since your funeral. […]

Little Brother

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Dear Phoenix, Congrats! You are a big sister! Little Brother was born about 2 weeks ago. He wasn’t as big as you were, in fact he still isn’t. We keep saying, “Wow! He is so small!” Even though he really isn’t that small. He was born with hair, just like you. But, you have him […]

July 4th

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Dear Phoenix, It has only been 6 weeks since you passed. The weeks have seemed to fly by. Yet, at the same time it feels like everything has stopped. I know it hasn’t. All I have to do is look outside or online, and see that the world keeps going. I can look down at […]

Your Room

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Dear Phoenix, I was sitting in your room today, wishing you were with me. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with you; I would sit in your room wondering what life would be like with a child. I would dream of what you would look like and be like. Would you be tall […]

Weekend at Table Rock Lake

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Trying my hand at something new. Letters to Phoenix. Dear Phoenix, Mommy and Daddy went to Table Rock Lake this weekend to celebrate Grandma Sally’s birthday. We were so excited for you to go on this trip! You were finally going to be able to show off your swimming skills to Daddy. You were going […]